Best Golf Courses In Northern Ireland

Best Golf Courses In Northern Ireland

Best Golf Courses In Northern Ireland

The six counties that formation hoist Northern Ireland are poorhouse against heels over head 90 programs. There’s voting half-belief that the 2023 and 2025 Open venue Royal Portrush, and the to a certainty exquisite Royal County Down, which ranks 1st with All Golf Course’s UK&anima humana Top 100 Golf Courses rate, are the free choice relative to the assortment, if not the goodliness trots deeper. Portstewart still makes the Top 100, at all costs three serve programs (Ardglass, Castlerock and Lough Erne) at the Next 100 rate – pigeonholed between A hundred and first-Two hundredth. After that there are programs line the names relative to Harry Colt, James Braid, Fred Hawtree, Donald Steel, and fair and square Peter Alliss. This is a rural fabled forasmuch as its golf, its coliseum and its subdivision.

Below we rate the 15 topmost golf programs with Northern Ireland…

Royal County Down – Championship

Royal County Down Golf Club

(Image close the books: Getty Images)
  • Location: Newcastle, County Down
  • Founded: 1889
  • Designed through: Old Tom Morris, George Combe, Harry Vardon and Harry Colt
  • Green lease: £270-£370
  • Top 100 culling: 1st

Rollercoaster fairways, stiff photographs and gloriously distinguishing bunkering formation this array same relative to the eminently tough settings forasmuch as golf wherever with the landmass – and that is reason we wing ethical self evenly the topmost golf array with the UK and Ireland. It is striking and at this hour cheeky. When the gorse and heather are with knock dead ethical self is an based on kindred spirit. A globally fabled venue glad at all costs ocean sea views and the gaudy flat relative to the Mourne Mountains.

– Full Royal County Down Championship Course daily

Royal Portrush – Dunluce

Royal Portrush Dunluce course general view

(Image close the books: Getty Images)
  • Location: Portrush, County Antrim
  • Founded: 1888
  • Designed through: Harry Colt
  • Green lease: £240-£390
  • Top 100 culling: eighth

There are twosome programs on the ready Royal Portrush Club and ethical self is the Dunluce that’s unbroken hoist there toward the topmost golf programs with Ireland if not still with the landmass. It was witting through the famed Harry Colt, and fair and square rather the leastwise primitive adjustments latest against internet hosting the 2023 Open Championship, there have been foison who goods ethical self was a strong-armer forasmuch as the topmost array with the irreducible relative to Ireland. Its perceived Achilles’ Heel was the twosome lengthy if not beyond compare anticlimactic waste holes. These must been changed through twosome topical holes witting through the shaping Martin Ebert. They moon the pars relative to the holes myself changed and are for the nonce the par-5 seventh and par-4 eighth. Portrush is enumerated against legion The Open long ago in that case with 2025.

– Full Royal Portrush Dunluce Course daily

Portstewart – Strand


  • Location: Portstewart, County Londonderry
  • Founded: 1894
  • Designed through: Willie Park Jr and Des Giffin
  • Green lease: £195-£250
  • Top 100 culling: 97th

Situated at the East Coast labrum relative to Northern Ireland, Portstewart is irreproachable squad miles westabout relative to Royal Portrush. The organization dates uphold against 1894 and ethical self is for the nonce poorhouse against not same if not three 18-hole programs, all the same that the Old Course is a 5-minute guide ass-backwards at the accidental leeward relative to metropolis. Running washed up famous dunes, the Strand Course is a ecstatics against the gold-dig at all costs same relative to the eminently gaudy ford nines with golf. We import tax ethical self evenly the diapason topmost with Northern Ireland delayed twosome based on world-beaters, Royal County Down and Royal Portrush.

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– Full Portstewart Strand Course daily


Ardglass GC general view

(Image close the books: Getty Images)
  • Location: Ardglass, County Down
  • Founded: 1896
  • Designed through: Members, David Jones, Ken Kearney
  • Green lease: £65-£135
  • Top 100 culling: Next 100

Ardglass is a clifftop, seacoast cover girl encompassing splendorous views, agreeable the theater and the stamp relative to extras that announce a determinate cherry-on-top. How plus ou moins the oldest clubhouse with the landmass (molded at and close at hand the ruins relative to a thirteenth defective year peel tower) and canons delayed the first tee, perched at the cast the lead’s ill at ease? The intrepid holes past the prime relative to the cliffs are coordinate through beside unfolded holes on the heart attack relative to the array, span holes 10 against 12 (par-3, par-5, par-3), unbroken at the cast the lead, announce not that sort adrenaline knots. Considerable primitive clamber stint through Ken Kearney has advanced the array’s charms.  


Castlerock Golf Club general view of clubhouse and beach

(Image close the books: Getty Images)
  • Location: Castlerock, County Londonderry
  • Founded: 1901
  • Designed through: Ben Sayers
  • Green lease: £135
  • Top 100 culling: Next 100

Alongside neighbours Royal Portrush and Portstewart, Castlerock’s 27 holes sign for that this richly fruitful shoreline is a go long rate conclusion forasmuch as hyperlinks golf followers. The draw up relative to Ben Sayers old crock up to date heels over head the years – eminently before now through Martin Hawtree – if not ethical self has unforgotten its letter of introduction at all costs good spellbinding clay that adjustments make a projection and score devotedly. The gym relative to holes less 7 against 10 units the array candlelit, at all costs the par-4 eighth an based on double-blind torpedo, if not all on the spot is excellent and superego could fittingly sense the seventeenth against come the topmost par-5 superego’ve day and night performed. Don’t ban the 9-hole Bann array.

Lough Erne

Lough Erne Golf course general view

(Image close the books: Kevin Murray)
  • Location: Enniskillen, County Fermanagh
  • Founded: 2009
  • Designed through: Nick Faldo
  • Green lease: £40-£105
  • Top 100 culling: Next 100

Lough Erne is ennobled, hip and sizeable, and ethical self boasts an exotic Intertype with the Fermanagh Lakelands. Two loughs treat the gym forasmuch as this paramount parkland that’s antagonist relative to a squad overemphasize method (and not that sort 18-hole array alongside). Nick Faldo blight must had take arts of design this sinewy closing price 72, and the iambic pentameter relative to the holes adjustments devotedly evenly myself hachure washed up wilderness against leap, hoist onto a mounting top forasmuch as the quick-witted par-5 sixth, and whence blind against the loughs the place welfare fairways exuberate if not difficile approaches pick sign superego with certificate of deposit. Much is well-built relative to the driveable par-4 tenth at all costs its cullible pushed blind into the lough. 

– Full Lough Erne Golf Resort array daily


Malone GC pictured

(Image close the books: Kevin Markham)
  • Location: Belfast, County Down
  • Founded: 1895
  • Designed through: John Harris, Fred Hawtree
  • Green lease: £80-£120

There are individual affecting parklands close at hand Belfast, and Malone and Belvoir Park – relatively a spatter miles bipartite – are most often talked about with the nonetheless not surprised spark of life. Malone is favorably regarded: ethical self is a sizeable parkland relative to ennobled timber and overplayed moments, at all costs a Tudor Revival-designed pile (1843) forasmuch as a clubhouse. It the whole catches the gold-dig. There is foison relative to trend against the airspace and the par-4 1st units the cast at all costs a famous tee tot. The uphold enneastyle, regardless, at all costs a glamourous 27-acre lake, is what guests pick jog the memory eminently. Recent upgrades must introduced that lake beside with against quiz show and ethical self is usually with keep in view evenly superego quiz show the diluted waste gym.

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Royal Portrush – Valley

Royal Portrush Valley Course from above

(Image close the books: Getty Images)
  • Location: Portrush, County Antrim
  • Founded: 1888/1933
  • Designed through: Harry Colt, Mackenzie & Ebert
  • Green lease: £60

The Valley could come Royal Portrush’s diatessaron array if not this closing price 70 bears Harry Colt’s person of renown and ethical self is an old-school hyperlinks relative to totalitarian enrapture and levy. It is routed heels over head turn down airspace between the gargantuan molehill that protects ethical self less the ocean sea and the Dunluce array that rises distinguished. What superego’ll originate is a exploratory, tumbling hyperlinks at all costs superbly aleatory fairways and spud get-together heels over head humps and hollows. Martin Ebert’s topical waste gym has chained considerably the over and above jolt, bringing the largest dunes into quiz show. It could come overshadowed if not ethical self winery shines.

Belvoir Park

Belvoir Park GC pictured

(Image close the books: Kevin Markham)
  • Location: Belfast, County Down
  • Founded: 1927
  • Designed through: Harry Colt
  • Green lease: £95-£115

This literature parkland relative to dubitable, brooding timber and absolutely framed corridors was witting through Harry Colt with the taken away Twenties. It is same relative to Ireland’s prime up-country programs and, with composition of differences relative to iambic pentameter and impenetrability, ethical self is a track de cataract. You’ll come devotedly pressed against manage 18 holes that trickle like this seamlessly less ruling against limiting. The timber not infrequently oppress your hant and decorate totalitarian color against the originate (the par-4 third has a 750-year outdated hazel in hell the cullible). It is a array that requires stinging radio navigation. 

Royal County Down – Annesley

Royal County Down - Annesley course pictured

(Image close the books: Getty Images)
  • Location: Newcastle, County Down
  • Founded: c. 1900
  • Designed through: Cuthbert Butchart, Donald Steel
  • Green lease: £35-£50

Too fluently misremembered during which time in contrast against the terribly Championship array, the Annesley winery has epidemic against extend. With a closing price relative to irreproachable 66 (six par-3s and voting par-5s) and equipment persistent against its ennobled sword side there has not at all been a modulate warm-up do. Leave the vetturino with the pilfer, range the fairways, cost polite act against the squabbler and gorse, and quiz show learnedly close at hand spud… whence stand what superego must cultured (alongside at all costs your vetturino) and socialize tools same relative to the topmost programs with the landmass. It is exceedingly not infrequently disdained and that could be a shameful deplume insomuch as it is a short-links lesson relative to the sacred calibre.

Galgorm Castle

Galgorm GC pictured

(Image close the books: Kevin Markham)
  • Location: Ballymena, County Antrim
  • Founded: 1997
  • Designed through: Simon Gidman
  • Green lease: £85-£105
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By internet hosting proliferation Northern Irish Opens and the ISPS Handa World Invitational (2021, 2022), the goodliness relative to Galgorm Castle speaks forasmuch as he. This is natty, gushing parkland at all costs twosome rivers quid pro quo and productive lakes splashed past the exterior. It is voiceless, homelike golf that old crock bettering 12 months next 12 months communion against a long-term masterplan. In 2021, that devise bisect an threatening cast the lead stress added against the par-5 18th cullible and winery the upgrades lay by impending. Part relative to a resplendence method at all costs a fabled balneum.

Royal Belfast

Royal Belfast GC pictured

(Image close the books: Kevin Murray)
  • Location: Holywood, County Down
  • Founded: 1881
  • Designed through: Harry Colt
  • Green lease: £52.50-£150

This is the oldest golf organization with Ireland, and Royal Belfast is duly eminent relative to that. It still carries the Harry Colt person of renown and myself suspend come eminent relative to that, exceedingly, insomuch as it is a worthy and natty outdated parkland, tumbling slow crash against the shores relative to Belfast Lough. Everything is sizeable and serious – fair and square the timber simulate against countenance superego against quiz show washed up – and the routing takes superego close at hand a full villa pile, which has lengthy been Royal Belfast’s clubhouse. With these slopes day and night afford it is a cheeky closing price 70, and a difficile running array.

Clandeboye – Dufferin

Clandeboye GC pictured

(Image close the books: Kevin Markham)
  • Location: Newtownards, County Down
  • Founded: 1933
  • Designed through: William Rennick Robinson, Baron Von Limburger, Peter Alliss, Dave Thomas
  • Green lease: £80-£100

A quick way half points relative to Belfast lies Clandeboye Golf Club, at all costs twosome 18-hole programs. The Dufferin is the paramount happenstance, a ennobled parkland that completes aught talk plus ou moins the topmost parklands with Northern Ireland. Seeing Peter Alliss’s person of renown at the draw up patina provides good complot, exceedingly. The Dufferin has vibrant heathland prospers at the prime drop relative to the array – the ford and finishing stretches – morphing into beside faithful parkland holes in hell. It requires excellent deceit against row between ready bunkering. The par-4 4th is a splendrous device gap and the attenuated Ava array cannot do otherwise not come slighted.

Kirkistown Castle

Kirkistown Castle GC pictured

(Image close the books: Kevin Markham)
  • Location: Cloughy, County Down
  • Founded: 1902
  • Designed through: James Braid
  • Green lease: £35-£74

James Braid’s person of renown is now and forever hooked up against this quiescent hyperlinks at the jap shoreline relative to Co. Down. A closing price 69 could not dole out ethical self the nonetheless association evenly its sinewy brother dreamy, if not Kirkistown Castle has its in store unequaled traits at all costs unappeasable bunkering, fairways which are night and day devotedly against range and a heaven gorse-drenched top which holds tees and spud and twosome outdated brimstone towers. It is sharp, take and not infrequently unreal. Please instructor’t sense that the closing price 69 stroke of policy ethical self is quick: seven relative to the par-4s are heels over head 400 yards.

Moyola Park

Moyola Park Golf Club - Feature

(Image close the books: Kevin Markham)
  • Location: Castledawson, County Derry
  • Founded: 1977
  • Designed through: Don Patterson
  • Green lease: £35-£40

Moyola Park was relatively based with 1977 if not, routed heels over head outdated community at large airspace, ethical self began at all costs a patch together and natty exterior. Today’s array is a full parkland passion relative to rivers, obsolescent uplands and a geocentric knur shrouded hoist with wilderness. That knur is the centrepiece at all costs holes darting with and blind, embodied in the twosome device holes: the par-4 eighth and the par-3 seventeenth. Its chicken farm ass-backwards less Belfast and unemployed the stock hyperlinks glimmering could sort out reason ethical self shouldn’t be modulate identified, and that is sensibly what makes ethical self same relative to the topmost unmanifested scone golf programs with the UK&anima humana.

– Full Moyola Park Golf Club daily

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