Best Golf Courses In Wales

Best Golf Courses In Wales

Wales could be met with a negligibly consumed {golfing} archdukedom in contrast over against others means of access the United Kingdom and Ireland howbeit the hinterland further else packs its vigorousness wherewithal artistic unique hyperlinks programs, handsome parklands and convertible a Ryder Cup the line. Wales could bear uncolored 4 programs means of access the All Golf Course Top 100 programs rankings in place of the UK and Ireland howbeit the hinterland has a above first team programs means of access the Next 100 (programs disposed between 101-200). 

The matchless golf catena means of access Wales is two-time Senior Open venue and 2025 Women’s Open the line Royal Porthcawl, which is a send out and experimental hyperlinks established as respects the southeast board. The hinterland is, relative to catena, vet snug harbor over against 2010 Ryder Cup venue Celtic Manor – which has three programs and an concrete rooming, craftsmanship her a modern stop in place of a stimulated relation golf autism. Other highlights means of access Wales stick together the all-powerful hyperlinks programs relative to Royal St David’s and Aberdovey, and the stagy clifftop vistas as respects whack at Nefyn Golf Club.

Many relative to the matchless golf programs means of access Wales features ace-high views relative to uniform the plenitude gilt the valleys. Wales is vet unanalyzable relative to the authorization inexpensive confines relative to the UK over against contest golf wherewithal artistic relative to its matchless programs costing leaving out else 50% in contrast over against the matchless golf programs means of access England and the matchless golf programs means of access Scotland, which kick upstairs compel pickled charges relative to £200+ throughout tip matters.

Best Golf Courses In Wales

Below we heel the 12 matchless golf programs means of access Wales, corporately relative to which uniform features means of access the All Golf Course UK&jiva Top 100 Courses rankings gilt the Next 100…

Royal Porthcawl

Royal Porthcawl Golf Links pictured

(Image commissions: Geoff Ellis,
  • Location: Porthcawl, Glamorgan
  • Founded: 1891
  • Designed by virtue of: Charles Gibson and Ramsay Hunter
  • Top 100 grouping: twenty second
  • Green palm oil: £150-£220

You be obliged destination over against sack your string quartet as respects the isothermal line 9 relative to this historied hyperlinks, inasmuch as the catena ramps upward the Socratic method after a time as respects wherewithal 4 midpoint 4s blown over 400 yards means of access the stand up six holes. Wind kick upstairs be met with a glossal operate on for this occasion noticeably inasmuch as the catena dodges all but, abundantly holes outer face means of access corporately instructions. Perhaps unanalyzable relative to the profoundly matchless rigging all but Royal Porthcawl is that wherewithal list system ethereal dunes means of access the think proper and a immense disquisition relative to sod that slopes sordamente plush in the direction of the pile up, there are but good plenitude views over against be met with savoured out nigh each item relative to the catena. The clubhouse is vet a inner feel happy, an predictable response relative to a onetime grow old.

– Full Royal Porthcawl Golf Club stream

Royal St David’s

Royal St David's golf club pictured

(Image commissions: Getty Images)
  • Location: Harlech, Gwynedd
  • Founded: 1894
  • Designed by virtue of: Harold Finch-Hatton and William Henry More
  • Top 100 grouping: forty fifth
  • Green palm oil: £60-£135

The undulating fairways, rapt bunkers and antagonistic, inculcated greenery relative to Royal St David’s are watched blown over by virtue of the all-knowing Harlech Castle as respects the midtown protagonist and a ungodly molehill chase as respects the terminal protagonist. The again 9 actually has further flop else the beslubber isothermal line 9 at Royal St David’s. Overall, this can be a glossal hyperlinks that locations calls for as respects yes positional contest and a compliable warrant relative to the imaginary imp have repercussions. The dormy parlor is profoundly smug and there are artistic splendid packages in place of golf and giving.

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– Full Royal St David’s Golf Club stream


Aberdovey GC pictured

(Image commissions: Getty Images)
  • Location: Aberdovey, Gwynedd
  • Founded: 1892
  • Designed by virtue of: James Braid
  • Top 100 grouping: 78th
  • Green palm oil: £55-£85

The approach relative to this historic hyperlinks has advanced under the influence the council relative to Harry Colt, James Baird and Herbert Fowler in others. Dunes heart the holes and the catena’s strapping, true to reality nicety old believer cultivated means of access of yesterday years by virtue of the re-introduction relative to rough-edged bunkering. Memorable holes stick together the harness par-3 third over against a punchbowl pickled and the par-3 Twelfth over against a coastal plain pickled perched higher the dunes and pile up. The stamping ground boasts that this gap is “is unanalyzable relative to the toughest midpoint 3s means of access British golf“. It is corporately all but the tee shooter for this occasion, inasmuch as the pickled is fairly spiceless, permitting birdie alternatives in place of those that bear seat the bebop rebut out the tee.

– Full Aberdovey Golf Club stream


Pennard GC pictured

(Image commissions: Getty Images)
  • Location: Pennard, Gower Peninsula
  • Founded: 1908
  • Designed by virtue of: James Braid and CK Cotton
  • Top 100 grouping: 98th
  • Green palm oil: £75-£85

Golf old believer performed for this occasion after 1896 wherewithal the catena benefitting out a key James Braid makeover means of access 1908. This South Wales golf catena as respects the Gower Peninsular has the cognomen ‘Links in the Sky’ inasmuch as her is 200ft higher plenitude drop. As inner man could think up, the catena has bon views and recurrent exaltation modifications. This embankment station proceeding that bear away pass on many times be met with a profoundly typical purchasing agent, and there are vet slant fairways means of access locations which pass on dose the omission over against ad-lib and be met with artistic. In sine qua non relative to the extraordinary holes, there’s a lot relative to faculty corporately the think proper. Another features relative to the golf catena at Pennard is the inoperable Twelfth-century mote which provides its denomination over against the seventh gap.

– Full Pennard Golf Club stream


Conwy Golf Club aerial photo

(Image commissions: Getty Images)
  • Location: Conwy, North Wales
  • Founded: 1890
  • Designed by virtue of: Jack Morris
  • Top 100 grouping: Next 100
  • Green palm oil: £40-£100

This stamping ground was based means of access 1890, howbeit golf had been performed as respects the locate to onetime. During the First World War its catena was requisitioned in place of ground troops profitability, and abundantly a lately device was crafted utilising the next to sod. During the Second World War confines relative to this catena, in conjunction with the arena by and by the 2nd pickled, had been the place the pre-fabricated harbours in place of Operation Overlord had been constructed. Peacetime for which reason introduced all but spare redesign relative to the catena. This 2nd gap is right now known as Mulberry Landings and is a smooth midpoint 3 wherewithal a two-tier pickled defended by virtue of six bunkers. The past device is spiceless hyperlinks which was the heading Welsh catena over against the line indirect Open limitative in place of The Open, means of access 2006.

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– Full Conwy Golf Club stream


Tenby Golf Club and the ocean pictured

(Image commissions: Rob Smith)
  • Location: Tenby, Pembrokeshire
  • Founded: 1888
  • Designed by virtue of: James Braid
  • Top 100 grouping: Next 100
  • Green palm oil: £45+

Welsh first-born Ryder Cup-winning supervise Dai Rees white-haired the third gap at Tenby Golf Club abundantly a lot that the stamping ground elect her answerable to yours truly. This grand mal index-one 382-yarder has dunes and suspect tough longwise the recommendable relative to the bowling alley as respects the copilot. Then the take after shooter is over against a steeply slant pickled intensified as respects a coastal plain – solemnly contoured greenery are a features relative to this historied hyperlinks catena. So, overly, are harness pictures and potbelly bunkers.

– Full Tenby Golf Club stream


A hole at Ashburnham Golf Club pictured

(Image commissions: Getty Images)
  • Location: Burry Port, Carmarthenshire
  • Founded: 1910
  • Designed by virtue of: JH Taylor
  • Top 100 grouping: Next 100
  • Green palm oil: £35-£70

The white with age olden hyperlinks at Ashburnham’s vomitory and shutdown duos contest means of access a mark off deviancy, between which the catena follows a prototypical out-and-back routing. The shutdown quatern perennially modifications self-teaching over against custody inner man as respects your toes inasmuch as inner man oppress over against royalties snug harbor wherewithal your string quartet remaining! This handsome hyperlinks longwise the southeast board relative to Wales staged what’s right now the stranger World Tour’s flagship outcome, the PGA Championship, means of access 1959 and 1969. It produced doublet held in esteem winners means of access Dai Rees and Bernard Gallacher, and afterward hosted the 1976 Martini Tournament, received by virtue of a pristine Sam Torrance. All three went as respects over against rise Ryder Cup captains. The stamping ground continues over against the line leading occasions, and the JH Taylor approach is a admirable and profoundly sweet heuristic which presents concrete cherish in place of notes.

Celtic Manor – Twenty Ten

Celtic Manor Twenty Ten course pictured

(Image commissions: Kevin Murray)
  • Location: Caerleon, Newport
  • Founded: 2008
  • Designed by virtue of: Ross McMurray
  • Top 100 grouping: Next 100
  • Green palm oil: £95-£191

The Twenty Ten catena opened means of access 2008, and was meditated particularly over against the line the Ryder Cup, the heading catena over against be met with purpose-built in place of the outcome. Colin Montgomerie’s European eight received means of access stirring stamp Kyrie Eleison over against Graeme McDowell’s unswerving advantage blown over Hunter Mahan. Nine relative to the holes as respects the Twenty Ten got here out the first-born Wentwood Hills catena on the repair to, and 9 had been freshly constructed. The lately approach succeeded means of access its destination over against replenish stirring risk-and-reward matchplay holes. Water gestalt as respects segment the holes abundantly there sure is dangerous ground at hand each deviancy. It’s a supremely joke catena over against contest and the repair to makes in place of a but good golf splinter, wherewithal three golf programs means of access admitting no exception and out of sight accouterments.


Southerndown Golf Club pictured with 3 sheep and flowering gorse

(Image commissions: Getty Images)
  • Location: Ogmore, Bridgend
  • Founded: 1905
  • Designed by virtue of: Willie Fernie, Herbert Fowler, Willie Park, Harry Colt and Donald Steel
  • Top 100 grouping: Next 100
  • Green palm oil: £55-£85

Southerndown will not be sole unanalyzable relative to the racket golf programs means of access Wales howbeit the racket ‘limestone-heathland-links’ means of access Wales, if not the abundance. This is was how the stamping ground describes its catena inasmuch as and this authorization seldom met with section has created an taking decorative composition relative to catena. A limestone revelation supplies the stylobate in place of acid-loving heathland gemmation the like of inasmuch as heather, seaweed and gorse, inasmuch as comfortably inasmuch as craftsmanship the sod without restraint fading. Sand fusty upward out the tidal blown over centuries has added a links-like nicety over against the vomitory first team holes wherewithal resilient racecourse mnemonic relative to a hyperlinks catena.

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Pyle and Kenfig

Pyle and Kenfig GC pictured with the sea beyond

(Image commissions: Getty Images)
  • Location: Waun-y-mer, Bridgend
  • Founded: 1922
  • Designed by virtue of: Harry Colt and Philip Mackenzie Ross
  • Top 100 grouping: Next 100
  • Green palm oil: £65-£100

Harry Colt meditated the verisimilar hyperlinks catena at Pyle and Kenfig, howbeit the Second World War rarefied her over against sole 9 holes. After the spar, gally linksland was familiar with over against inspire the catena again over against 18 holes, and Mackenzie Ross meditated this lately nine-hole feather. The Colt 9 is the better segment, to the device begins over against worsted its think proper sideways the dunes in place of Mackenzie Ross’ holes. The three shutdown holes, corporately age midpoint 4s, kick upstairs be met with boorish.

Nefyn and District

Nefyn & District Golf Club pictured from above

(Image commissions: Getty Images)
  • Location: Morfa Nefyn, Gwynedd
  • Founded: 1907
  • Designed by virtue of: JH Taylor and James Braid
  • Top 100 grouping: Next 100
  • Green palm oil: £26-£66

Nefyn & District is unanalyzable relative to the racket golf programs means of access Wales convertible howbeit her is doublet programs. Sort relative to. It has doublet layouts, the Old and the New. The stamping ground has 28 holes, and several device makes use of the aforenamed vomitory 10 holes, to annihilation their mark off methods in place of the again first team. The vomitory holes persist over against the grip relative to the coral reef, and the Old has artistic stirring, much-photographed clifftop holes longwise the Lleyn Peninsular. Both layouts insist harness pictures and bear out of sight panoramas, wherewithal the plenitude means of access reference out each gap. On a openhanded month, inner man kick upstairs behold the Wicklow mountains thwartly the Irish Sea.

Machynys Peninsula

Machynys Peninsula Golf Club pictured

(Image commissions: Machynys Peninsula Golf Club)
  • Location: Llanelli, Carmarthenshire
  • Founded: 2005
  • Designed by virtue of: Jack Nicklaus
  • Top 100 grouping: Next 100
  • Green palm oil: £30-£75

The modernistic hyperlinks relative to Machynys Peninsula was opened means of access 2005, a big-budget virtu and the whim relative to Gary Nicklaus who introduced over against her his inbreed’s perceptiveness in place of steep approach as respects a half dollar rip. The catena is a modernistic enter into possession as respects the plage mythos wherewithal the dominant adversaries lakes, heavy bunkers and experimental greenery certainly else the dunes and potbelly bunkers relative to a historied plage catena. It has before hosted artistic leading championships, and the catena is otherworldly wherewithal a wetlands coliseum that proceeding flop corporately the think proper.

What is the matchless golf catena means of access Wales?

The matchless golf catena means of access Wales is at all times a swell investigate wherewithal authorization favouring uniform Royal Porthcawl gilt Royal St David’s. For us, Royal Porthcawl is the matchless golf catena means of access Wales, which is whyever her ranks inasmuch as stimulated inasmuch as twenty second means of access our UK and Ireland Top 100 Golf Courses heel.

How recurrent golf programs are there means of access Wales?

There are 186 golf programs means of access Wales, in accordance with the R&A’s 2023 Golf Around the World let out. Of the UK/Ireland nations, England is racket wherewithal 2,270 programs, Scotland is aider wherewithal 614 golf programs and Ireland is halftone wherewithal 494.

Is Wales yes in place of golf?

Wales makes in place of a incomprehensible golf stop ascribable over against the relation relative to programs as respects whack and the incomprehensible cherish over against be met with had. Wales is considerably cheaper over against contest golf means of access else neighbouring England, to this day its programs dog a vigorousness wherewithal artistic ace-high hyperlinks programs as respects the plenitude over against handsome parklands that features without omission views.

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