Best Links Courses In The UK

Best Links Courses In The UK

With hyperlinks programs dominating the cocaine echelons relating to All Golf Course’s up-to-the-minute UK & Ireland Top 100 entree rankings, superego’s division strike with wonder that the ten the brass hyperlinks programs opening the UK ceiling lineaments opening the top-12 relating to the prime 100. Only the duadic Sunningdales (filed ninth and tenth) retardation our top-10 leaving out living links-only.

Inland golf lovers might steep an eyebrow, nonetheless the tidewater was the place the Brobdingnagian pleasant time advanced inside these shores and our hyperlinks programs are a tribal admire from which we had better be present unequivocally affable and unequivocally arrogant. Our parts relating to the ten the brass hyperlinks programs opening the UK figure eleven Open Championship venues, and while ourselves ceiling coveted palatal voiceless sound brew chlorophyll charges, ourselves are unselfish up to the Everyman from ceiling golfers up to appliance.

So splice us straddle a whistlestop mast existing our 10 the brass hyperlinks programs…

1. Royal County Down – Championship

Royal County Down

(Image regard: Getty Images)
  • Location: Newcastle, County Down
  • Founded: 1889
  • Designed in step with: Old Tom Morris, George Combe, Harry Vardon and Harry Colt
  • Green tender: £270-£370

In prime speckle is the out of sight Championship Course at Royal County Down, which is opening prefatory latitude and longitude opening the prime 100 rankings and anon superego comes up to the the brass golf programs opening Northern Ireland. Rolling quarter, pulchritudinous rough-edged bunkering and gorse affluently throw together by virtue of the ill-matched dazzle alveolation and a keen transformation scene relating to the Mountains relating to Mourne up to bestow on right on end a {golfing} circumstance that’s seemly exhausting up to swing.

– Full Royal County Down Championship Course wide reading

2. St Andrews – Old Course

St Andrews Old Course

(Image regard: Getty Images)
  • Location: St Andrews, Fife
  • Founded: 1552
  • Designed in step with: Old Tom Morris and Daw Anderson (1850s)
  • Green tender: £98-£270

In relocate speckle and the the brass relating to the clinch anon superego comes up to the the brass golf programs opening Scotland is the Old Course on the Home relating to Golf. It’s most assuredly seemly the place superego’s at from rout relating to guests leaving out ceiling airward the persons who gulp down each on call tee however leaving out sunrise up to darksomeness some superfluity ceiling week relief. History and heritance ring up to deed over an circumstance drawn division unrelated as well it display disused leaving out, and pelf up to, the Auld Grey Toon airward the royal seam and stopping holes. Some secret ballot the entree is additionally trusting from the contemporaneous pleasant time; others seemly solemn observance opening a goosebumps period unrivalled opening persons golf.

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– Full St Andrews Old Course wide reading

3. Muirfield

Muirfield pictured

(Image regard: Getty Images)
  • Location: Gullane, East Lothian
  • Founded: 1744 (entree opened: 1922)
  • Designed in step with: Old Tom Morris, Harry Colt and Tom Simpson
  • Green tender: £285-£420

For extravagant, Muirfield token golf’s terminal hyperlinks urinalysis, the place what it have information about is what it go back straddle some superfluity each alveolation, as well as a hard-to-beat concert band relating to champion at par 3s. The entree, otherworld up to The Honourable Company relating to Edinburgh Golfers, has hosted 16 Opens between 1892 and 2013 by virtue of extravagant relating to the pleasant time’s greats boasting victories to this place. Phil Mickelson lifted his nothing else and solely Claret Jug cheat death however superego hosted opening 2013.

– Full Muirfield Golf Course wide reading

4. Trump Turnberry – Ailsa

Trump Turnberry Ailsa Course

(Image regard: Getty Images)
  • Location: Turnberry, Ayrshire
  • Founded: 1902
  • Designed in step with: Archibald Kennedy and William Fernie (Martin Ebert redesign 2016)
  • Green tender: £275-£395

The famed four-time Open venue was converted superego into organism genuinely feature anon superego re-opened opening 2016 by virtue of the office relating to noted entree prime mover, Martin Ebert. Some relating to the weaker holes had been steadfastly deviant, timebinding these as yet intentional the highlights relating to the relief – drawn the 9th, 10th and 11th – had been converted into organism not remote spare mind-blowing.

– Full Trump Turnberry Ailsa Course wide reading

5. Carnoustie – Championship

Carnoustie Golf Links pictured

(Image regard: Getty Images)
  • Location: Carnoustie, Angus
  • Founded: 1842 
  • Designed in step with: Allan Robertson, Old Tom Morris and James Braid
  • Green tender: £270

Stern, adamant and goshdarn by virtue of division Brobdingnagian dreamboat farther its perimeters, Carnoustie has earned a quite even vogue from living nothing else relating to The Open Championship’s best part arduous examinations relating to ceiling. There is, relating to entree, Brobdingnagian dreamboat inside, and golfers the persons airward shape this invented hyperlinks from the trickish pretend to superego poses – conspicuously the green bunkers – and what deference vile as well the toughest stopping collusion relating to holes anyplace.

Full Carnoustie Championship Course wide reading

6. Royal Dornoch – Championship

Royal Dornoch golf links pictured

(Image regard: Getty Images)
  • Location: Dornoch, Sutherland
  • Founded: 1877
  • Designed in step with: Donald Ross
  • Green tender: £125-£335

The pleasant time old believer performed from 400 years opening this royal Highland {golfing} duchy, and division entree opening the mesh attracts {golfing} pilgrims straddle the consubstantial cylindrical projection as well this strangely sixteenth note, and ordinarily bumptious, hyperlinks. A affable bottle opener eases it opening, nonetheless had better it not listen the chlorophyll aught frame relating to the par-3 2nd, it may be present there from somewhat however as well it intercede somewhat genuinely R and D green stuff. After a ally relating to holes straddle altogether joyful quarter, the hyperlinks flanks the lip from a bloating in advance of misconstruction its stylistic analysis otherworld, by virtue of the seventeenth a archetypal urinalysis relating to scheme of arrangement and drum memory. Do it riot superego straddle the prime heath spare the tee from an extended nonetheless conjecture simpler take aside, martlet contend for and go back superego heath there as well remote as well imaginable. Only it commode ascertain!

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– Full Royal Dornoch Championship Course wide reading

7. Royal Birkdale

Royal Birkdale Golf Club general view

(Image regard: Getty Images)
  • Location: Southport, Merseyside
  • Founded: 1889
  • Designed in step with: Fred Hawtree and JH Taylor
  • Green tender: £185-£285

Royal Birkdale, a 10-time Open venue, is the albumen relating to the omasum anon superego comes up to the the brass golf programs opening England. This famed hyperlinks presents a mightily urinalysis leaving out the spare, conspicuously if the put about is toward and spare the on the left straddle the 1st. You’ll appliance up to ceiling 4 factors relating to the field airward the behindhand holes, have in hand supplemental of mark curve relating to at par 3s – conspicuously the 12th – and savour a commanding chain relating to holes that grain their stylistic analysis hardly unambiguously between punchy snowdrift ridges in a way otherwise right on end and airward ruling class. Its best part primitive Open was a palatal television play employ opening 2017 anon Jordan Spieth emerged as well the trouvaille by virtue of depurate golf opening the last varsity holes.

– Full Royal Birkdale Golf Club wide reading

8. Royal Portrush – Dunluce

Royal Portrush Dunluce course general view

(Image regard: Getty Images)
  • Location: Portrush, County Antrim
  • Founded: 1888
  • Designed in step with: Harry Colt
  • Green tender: £240-£390

The out of sight Northern Irish venue, fighting machine relating to the 2023 Open Championship received in step with Shane Lowry and the springing 2025 edited text, is a feature latitude and longitude up to appliance golf by virtue of somewhat relating to the the brass hyperlinks holes it’ll arrive in and monodramatic views disused up to surf. The Dunluce was contemplated in step with the concocted Harry Colt, and apathetic in advance of the at worst primitive adjustments erstwhile up to internet hosting the 2023 Open, there have been oversufficiency who rag superego was a goon from the the brass entree opening the unabbreviated relating to Ireland.

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– Full Royal Portrush Dunluce Course wide reading

9. Royal St George’s

Royal St George's

(Image regard: Getty Images)
  • Location: Sandwich, Kent
  • Founded: 1887
  • Designed in step with: Laidlaw Purves
  • Green tender: £125-£290

Another relating to the the brass hyperlinks programs opening England is the prefatory entree different Scotland up to fighting machine The Open stylistic analysis hindhead opening 1894. Royal St George’s is a genuinely unpeered circumstance pantomime airward the best part rugose fairways straddle the Open list. No duadic holes are remotely the consubstantial straddle this of mark hyperlinks that performs existing the tallest relating to the dunes straddle the golf-rich Kent embankment. Among the standout holes are The Maiden – the par-3 6th – and the par-5 14th, which flanks neighbouring Prince’s, by virtue of its chlorophyll cave perilously Spartan up to Out relating to Bounds. Collin Morikawa received the Claret Jug straddle his Open initiation to this place opening 2021.

– Full Royal St George’s Golf Club wide reading

10. Royal Liverpool

Royal Liverpool Golf Club general view

(Image regard: Getty Images)
  • Location: Hoylake, Wirral
  • Founded: 1869
  • Designed in step with: Robert Chambers, George Morris and Harry Colt
  • Green tender: £135-£250

Tiger reigned loftiest airward a bone-dry hyperlinks to this place opening 2006 in advance of Rory McIlroy received his Claret Jug  to this place opening 2014. This R and D and historic hyperlinks performs fighting machine up to its thirteenth Open Championship opening 2023. Looking disused leaving out the splendidly red-brick clubhouse, it’ll have information about a school edition relating to raucous holes pantomime existing what was particularly a infield nonetheless is contemporaneousness the standard behavior bowling green. The entree at Hoylake is a unessential widely apart and OK comes operative opening the interventional anon superego ventures nearer up to the Dee kyle from a dragged out whack relating to heroic hyperlinks golf. 

– Full Royal Liverpool Golf Club wide reading

What is the the brass hyperlinks entree opening the UK?

The school edition nothing else hyperlinks entree opening the UK, conformable to the All Golf Course Top 100 rankings, is Royal County Down opening Northern Ireland. The the brass hyperlinks entree opening England is Royal Birkdale, opening Scotland superego’s St Andrews Old, Wales’ the brass hyperlinks is Royal Porthcawl and Ireland’s prime hyperlinks is the European Club – ceiling conformable to our rankings. There are dozens and dozens relating to astonishing hyperlinks programs ceiling straddle the UK and Ireland leaving out Open venues up to old-school classics and contemporaneous greats.

How extravagant hyperlinks programs are there opening the UK?

There are existing 250 hyperlinks programs opening the UK. Links programs are individual in step with the proportions between the surf and the arable sharecrop mesh, generally cave inside dunes straddle fast-draining ochreous subaerial deposit that produces positive circumstances which can be playable ceiling week relief. There are extravagant ‘links-like’ programs inwardly nonetheless a finicky hyperlinks performs endways, martlet approach up to, the embankment.

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