Do You "Ever Use" The Golf Tips That Will Really Help Your Golf Swing

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Having just got off of the golf course, I realized that I have proven to myself that, my natural instincts

will automatically kick in even after all these months.

You see, I got injured at work. I was carrying a cabinet where I build furniture and millwork( and tripped over something. Fell face forward and the cabinet smashed the end of my right thumb off. Luckily, I had good ER surgeons and they were able to save it. Still, it’s been 3 months since I’ve been able to go out and play golf.

So, here I am, not crushing one in a while, and all the golf instruction that I’ve ever had in my life comes rushing in. Luckily for me, I set some golf goals up for myself in the past few months. I also have a golf training aid at the house and used my time to get familiar with some of the great golf tips I know. Mainly, I’ve been focused on what those golf tips teach me about feel. About being aware of the clubhead so that I could play better golf when I recuperated.

But something struck me odd. I’ve played with a lot of people in my life, and I don’t think I’ve seen but a few actually use and understand golf tips. The tip where you toss a ball like you’re skimming stones. Or how about, trying to keep the V in your right hand pointed at the shoulder on the backswing. Here’s one for you, throwing a golf ball down at a tee in front of you. Sure you’ve seen or heard about them, BUT DO YOU, actually, ever, ever practice them. When?

Each golf tip is meant to make youfeel the action you want to perform during the golf swing. If you don’t use the tip correctly, or not at all, how will you benefit. Your muscles must be trained to react in the same way every time. Not only that, your subconscious needs to learn to trust what you are doing and make it second nature. Your thought is your golf shot.

In conclusion; pull out some of those old golf tips that you know helped you feel a better swing in the past. So what if it costs you five bucks for a bucket of balls to throw down the driving range. Are you afraid of what the other golfers might think? Maybe they might learn something from you.

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