Golf Vacations – Maui Golf Vacations For An Incredible Golfing Experience!

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If a quality golfing destination is on your mind, your purpose will be served best by considering various Maui golf vacations. You will have a wide variety of excellent golf courses to choose from and it is quite impossible to not find one which fits your needs perfectly.

Some Exquisite Maui Golf Vacations

Among the various kinds of golf vacations to choose from in Maui, it is the public golf courses which are most popular among all. Maui boasts of some of the classiest public golf courses capable of testing your golfing abilities to the limits.

– The Khalili Golf Course

Located on the Western Maui Mountains slopes, this breathtaking golf course is too good to be ignored. Its serene environs overlooking the sapphire pacific can offer some of the most memorable moments you will ever have on a golf course.

Designed by Rodney White along with Robert Nelson, this Par 72 golf course was completed in the year 1991, thus making it one of the contemporary ones around. Considering the challenges it offers, this golf course is brimming with activity throughout the year with a number of golf events happening here. The Khalili is a real test of a professional or an amateur golfer as one cannot survive the complete course if one is even a little inaccurate.

– Kapalua Resort

With PGA Tour happening here every year, this golf course is arguably among the cream of golf destinations in Maui. This golf course with some breathtaking sceneries was conceptualized by the team of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw and takes one over beautiful pineapple plantation fields and various natural formations. The Kapalua resort is meant more for the professional golfers and playing here means that you could possibly run into the likes of Tiger Woods.

– The Pukalani Country Club

This Golf Club offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Built in the year 1970, this golf course is fairly old and was designed by Bob Balddock. It spans over almost 160 acres of land. Despite its age, it still attracts attention of many golfers over the world for the challenges it poses.

If one looks at all the essential factors that make an excellent golfing destination, Maui fits the bill almost to perfection. When thinking about golf vacations, one just cannot ignore Maui. Hence, you must get in touch with your travel agent to get the best vacation plan that suits your wallet.

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