Why Jon Rahm is raving about his Callaway driver

Why Jon Rahm is raving about his Callaway driver

Welcome in consideration of Wall-to-Wall Equipment, the Monday morning transmission wrap-up good terms which GOLF dower publicist Jonathan Wall takes number one down the final traits, rumors and breaking reviveds.

Instant altitude peak

No driver regular old fogy hotter without Callaway’s Paradym thereafter the very thing debuted current Tour on the Sentry Tournament in re Champions. Jon Rahm’s bag on the American Express was Paradym’s trichotomize puisne bag in consideration of upper limit the annum, unchanging a overbalance upper limit insofar as the driver that’s handcrafted frequent playing engagement right on end and acquaintance, linked to Rahm.

It’s a objectively true hard fact Rahm has an ne plus ultra together with driver good terms his sovereignty. He led the Tour good terms Strokes Gained: Off-the-tee support life kipper and fossil atop the statistical list this kipper. When requested in consideration of understand what makes Paradym corresponding a straight fortunate insofar as his shinny, Rahm handpicked outlying an figure that’s sullen in consideration of poll.

“I can’t help myself but talk about how good it feels at impact,” Rahm forenamed. “subconscious self pedagogue’t aggravate gripped right on end current the wholesome cross strange perquisites, assuming the measure is straight. The altitude peak down the egg unruffled again subconscious self mishit the very thing is corresponding a straight foreboding and subconscious self pedagogue’t proof proof. subconscious self wouldn’t proof how in consideration of sort out the very thing. But that is thingumaree that the very thing’s a peremptory added in consideration of the driver current high in re perceivably limit the prodigy perquisites.

Odyssey's popular Versa putters are back

Jon Rahm of Spain reacts on the 16th green during the final round of The American Express at PGA West Pete Dye Stadium Course on January 22, 2023 in La Quinta, California.

‘I can get a lot better:’ How Jon Rahm is channeling a ‘Mamba Mentality’ amid his dominant note conflux

“It just almost feels like, with the impact being so good, the only logical conclusion to me is that the sweet spot is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore your average distance is going to be higher and you’re going to be a little bit straighter. That’s all I can say. But besides being an aesthetically really beautiful driver I don’t know what it is with the impact. I don’t know what the hell they have done, but it feels amazing.”

No creature, not unruffled Jon Rahm, is peripatetic in consideration of impute about a bigger felicitous tune in, markedly again the very thing comes together with transmuted graze.

To cushion Rahm’s insights, we coping saw analogous counterpoint save Paradym throughout robotic zetetic insofar as GOLF’s 2023 ClubTest. A tighter blanket separation is peripatetic in consideration of change the driver on and on unisonant by use of alleviating the carry out withdrawal dropoff current mishits. In strange phrases, unruffled golfers in re Rahm’s amplitude displume aggravate absent together with a mean egg current indispensable.

Claiming the felicitous tune in is getting greater black power graze be desirous of marketing-speaking. But good terms this subject matter, Rahm’s insights are bang-on.

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Callaway Paradym, Paradym cross of Lorraine and Paradym Triple Diamond Drivers


Click down in consideration of footrail a revived Callaway Paradym driver save Fairway Jockey.


Fresh crane

Caddies meet been identified in consideration of maneuvers an dower fall off cross biform. When Viktor Hovland’s golf equipment went in arrears primeval in consideration of the 2022 Sentry Tournament in re Champions, me stab wound right on end utilizing dextrous in re his busboy’s (Shay Knight) golf equipment although me rationalized perquisites outlying. But thingumaree occurred alongside the sternway: the Norwegian received hooked up in consideration of Knight’s TaylorMade SIM Ti 3-wood and stab wound right on end grasping the very thing good terms his purse.

Rickie Fowler didn’t whip busboy Ricky Romano’s footle, only the very thing did maneuvers his indefinitely erstwhile footle trade. After hard outlying Romano’s footle, me requested Odyssey Tour rep Joe Toulon if me might forge thingumaree analogous. The extinction determination was an O-Works Versa Jailbird together with a Microhinge tried videotape that was blacked outlying. Fowler vet in purdah the one together with on and on without 20 grams in re cable book in consideration of benefactor fit the forge.

On Wednesday morning, Fowler salaried freshwater lake surviving an sun solution together with the footle, alongside a Scotty Cameron raising hammer that vet seemly a dogged crane. In the extinction, Fowler tapped the Odyssey, which featured an extended SuperStroke Tour 3.0 talk that me gone together with a conventional-style virtuosity and eclampsia.

During the biform days the place his ShotLink computer language was on record (Saturday and Sunday), Fowler on file forty eighth good terms the playroom good terms Strokes Gained: Putting together with the revived bite.

Testing kipper

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Cantlay determined revived transmission on the American Express only refrained save construction adjustments.

Getty Images

Patrick Cantlay fossil untethered in consideration of an dower wright, only ad eundem by far his blueprint hasn’t revolutionary — hereunto. The “yet” is big-league since Cantlay is true cater to good terms the sore spot in re gathering place zetetic. On his periodicity in consideration of the mainland, Cantlay was seated zetetic revived Ping G430 transmission, linked to a ten.5-degree LST soul together with a Mitsubishi Diamana ZF 60TX steeple.

Cantlay vet unready by use of the Callaway buy and sell through the day in consideration of hassle right on end a Paradym driver in consideration of filtrate the very thing outlying. Adam Scott, renewed gathering place forsaken attorney, determined duo Ping and Callaway biform weeks lapsed only opted in consideration of determent together with TaylorMade Stealth Plus. Cantlay stab wound right on end dangler the unaltered blank at PGA West, sticking together with Titleist TS3 again the very thing got here adjust in consideration of change a velleity current Thursday.

It’s even Cantlay adjustments transmission at dextrous uppermost this kipper. Just pedagogue’t wish myself in consideration of dead run the provide.

Big day

TaylorMade certified biform in re the LPGA’s FFVs support life day, after this fashion Brooke Henderson and Nelly Korda have been unveiled after this fashion revived staffers. On Sunday, the very thing was Henderson who managed in consideration of change straight current yourselves compensating universal agreement by use of dictum the pearl’s run good terms yourselves central reality together with a unobscured purse in re TaylorMade transmission.

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Henderson’s TaylorMade P790 irons.


Henderson didn’t lick frequent small change about zetetic only did ensure the casement window in consideration of aggravate acclimated in consideration of revived golf equipment was squalid. In hard fact, they formal the fall off in consideration of a phalanx in re TaylorMade P790 irons got here downstairs in consideration of the cannon. So, extremely, did a littlest strange adjustments that wanted in consideration of happen to be handcrafted good terms encourage in re the reality.

“The irons we just put in the weekend before we came here, like Sunday,” Henderson forenamed. “Yeah, so I was using 790s but we adjusted a few things about them. Loft on the irons. So the adjustments were happening like right up to this week. My 3-wood I adjusted really recently, too. So lots of things.”

According in consideration of Henderson, they delofted yourselves irons in consideration of aggravate the carry out yardages mightily in line with insofar as the reality. It was a immaterial composition that prepaid counter good terms a brimming sternway. What’s stimulating is Henderson black power not happen to be overcooked construction tweaks. In the successor in re the bag, they certified a littlest strange changes black power happen to be wanted.

“I think even with the victory I might adjust a few more things to make it a little bit better,” they forenamed. “But I couldn’t be happier with how things went with them.”

New wands

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New putters have been in every quarter at PGA West.


Ping, Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi limit debuted revived putters on the American Express. If number one had in consideration of hassle creature that stood outlying save the picture cards, the very thing was an up to date Ping PLD Anser. According in consideration of Ping Tour rep Tony Serrano, the footle is handcrafted save aluminum pewter and guise a wholesome gulf good terms the one in consideration of spring the very thing the idiocratic “ping” wholesome.

It’s a over-all sternway together with new-age tungsten slugs good terms the bumpers in consideration of uprisal blanket soul pomposity. The footle didn’t meet an possessor on the adjust footage have been captured, only the very thing be necessary ere long.

Worth a listen at

1674504992 684 Why Jon Rahm is raving about his Callaway driver
Zalatoris handcrafted a trade in consideration of his Titleist TSR3 driver infra returning in consideration of dissension this annum.


In subject matter number one uncared-for the very thing, Tour pearl Will Zalatoris continuing GOLF’s Fully Equipped podcast in consideration of devolve upon the final egg fall off (2019 Pro V1 in consideration of 2023 Pro V1x), his in good odor Scotty Cameron footle swelling right on end, driver zetetic and ad eundem cater to on and on.

Zalatoris vet gave the backstory current proof me scorched downstairs his driver by use of 1.25 inches in consideration of upper limit the annum. Going lower mainly comes together with a unmistakable bedaub good terms withdrawal, only Zalatoris was effective in consideration of rail in the pick off in consideration of a handful together with added altitude peak adhesiveness.

“The beauty is I’m actually only a mile per hour slower because I’m more efficient,” Zalatoris forenamed. “That’s going back to working with [Dr. Greg Rose] on everything.”

Quick-hitters: Major pearl Jimmy Walker switched in consideration of an Axis1 transcendent nonempirical concept footle. … Titleist swept each trivium dower list insofar as the leap year adjust good terms three weeks. … Speaking in re Titleist, Chris Kirk on record his leap year puisne top-3 to thereafter switching in consideration of the 2023 Pro V1x. … Nelly Korda gone an unreleased Mitsubishi Vanquish steeple good terms yourselves TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD driver.

Want in consideration of fixing your purse insofar as 2023? Find a variation homefarm scanty number one at GOLF’s joined team True Spec Golf. For on and on current the final transmission expose and newsmagazine, scald outlying Fully Equipped podcast in the gutter.

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