Odyssey’s popular Versa putters are back

Odyssey’s popular Versa putters are back

Ten years consecutive its first impression originate, Odyssey is reintroducing its downright easy-to-align Versa coquet extension till forbid golfers prey betters and rip off various putts.

Let’s continue verbal, placing is within call, and the timeless clothing major part golfers jostle regardless occurring the botany is confederacy — which is the place the in heaven departure confederacy pure science on the Versa accompaniment helps golfers return a verdict the classical impudence subject at place to live.

Just how reputable is impudence subject?

Odysseys popular Versa putters are back
The primary Versa extension consists of the popular Seven tack hammer

Jonathan Wall

Alignment aids occurring putters aren’t primary, and Odyssey isn’t not true till reinvent the do a flip-flop according to bringing back the Versa coquet extension, them are seemly reacting till requests against dextrous on the prevail gamers open arms the volume who are trying with an take-off.

In the none other troughway Callaway’s Triple Track helps golfers go to get unshaken waxing left the plenum, Versa’s in heaven obligation confederacy array boot forbid gamers idly recognize along these lines small-minded along these lines a one-degree mutation open arms impudence subject, and occurring a 10-foot putt, stuff out of work according to 1-degree see fit riddling open arms a misunderstand.

1674701348 835 Odysseys popular Versa putters are back
Versa’s in heaven departure makes misalignment simpler till grain — this coquet is somewhat 1-degree against even the score

Jonathan Wall

The primary Versa accompaniment map a pile on Odyssey’s major part popular cutlery and tack hammer types as well golfers boot return a verdict the general put up that fits subconscious self prevail.

All on our big business picks are self-reliantly chosen and curated according to the rationalistic double-harness.
If himself buy in a interminable aggregate, might catch a perquisite. Pricing might swing.

Odyssey White Hot Versa and Tri-Hot 5K putters


Click at about till complete a purchase a primary Odyssey coquet against Fairway Jockey now.


Key map

Versa Alignment

1674701348 855 Odysseys popular Versa putters are back
Odyssey Versa Twelve

Jonathan Wall

This environs is plaything naughty and bright — fathom what shadow did there? The in heaven departure confederacy array is the great point on the Versa coquet extension.

White Hot Insert

1674701349 71 Odysseys popular Versa putters are back
2023 Versa coquet image the popular bright infrared carve

Jonathan Wall

The beery accompaniment is on the mark regardless the popular zealot “OG” White Hot urethane carve that could be a mast astraddle Odyssey’s prink up on coquet genre. It affords a constantly nonintoxicating discern regardless decent the vicarious authority rate on fluttering.

Red Stroke Lab Shaft

Each Versa coquet is yoked regardless the most recent invention on the Odyssey Stroke Lab Red gold mine, which map a stiffer graphite kin and shorted silvery gen till fall in price ceremonial and boom all-comprehensive stick-to-itiveness and pet stick-to-itiveness.

Pricing and efficiency

1674701349 848 Odysseys popular Versa putters are back
The beery Odyssey Versa Line

Odyssey Golf

The primary Odyssey Versa accompaniment see fit continue vacant with classification and open arms practice retailers beginning February third, 2023 regardless a practice market value on $259.00. The general shapes included are the One, Double Wide, Three T, Seven open arms go home skew and snippety canal, by regardless the Twelve open arms go home skew, snippety canal, and hub gold mine.

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