The Golf World Without Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods brought glamour and popularity to the game of golf and has remained one of the most popular golf players ever. He has won more trophies than most popular golfers living or dead, with about 96 career victories in his kitty since 1996 making him a living legend in the world of golf, without whom the history of golf would never be complete. His exploits has made many people who never loved the game of golf to become ardent followers of the game, and his presence has also brought reputable sponsors to the golf world.

Only the likes of Pele, Zinedine Zidane, Diego Maradona, Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Platini, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Carl Lewis, Gabriel Silesia, Usain Bolt, Ashafa Powell, Michael Phelps, George Weah, Dunga, etc enjoy the fame and respect that Tiger Woods enjoys as far as the sporting world is concerned.

Having given much to the golf world, he does not deserve to take his exit in such an unceremonious way. He may have done what the world did not expect by engaging in extra-marital affairs, but we should remember the popular saying that ‘to err is human but to forgive is divine’, and give him a second chance. We all have our human weaknesses and Tiger Woods being human has just exhibited his human weakness.I do not in any way support what Tiger Woods did but I feel that abandoning Woods is certainly not the best thing to do to a friend at the moment of trials. I do believe he has learned his lesson though through the bitter way. Tiger Woods has done what he should do – show respect to his family by withdrawing from golf to put his family in order without exhibiting any form of arrogance and without justifying himself.

The exit of this talented, crowd-puller golfer has forced some of his personal sponsors to withdraw their sponsorship.

They are certainly concerned about the image of their reputable companies but they should also put into consideration the emotional trauma their hasty decision is adding to the psychological pain Woods already is going through. He really needs their support at this crucial time of trial. They should help to launder his image and persuade him to return to the game that brought him fame and wealth.

Now that Tiger Woods has bowed out what happens to the game of golf? Would the popularity, colours and followership still be there? Who fills the vacuum that his exit has created? We shall certainly miss this great hero – Tiger Woods.

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