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The Grove – Stay and Play All Golf Course’s editor, Mike Harris, enjoys a return to London’s leading golf resort that is as lovely off the course as on

The Grove – Stay and Play

All Golf Course’s criticule, Mike Harris, enjoys a return to London’s leading golf resort that is as lovely off the course as on

The Grove – Stay and Play

  • Location Watford
  • Founded 2003
  • Architect Kyle Phillips
  • GF £199 Mon-Wed, £225 Thu-Sun, £170 Resident (Summer 2023)
  • Par 72 – 6,766 Yards
  • Contact The Grove (opens modern from scratch teaser)

Perfectly posted juxtapositive to the M25 which loops thereabouts London, The Grove is a anticipatory-status resort which this lunar month is celebrating its twentieth Armistice Day. Access to the profitable and to Heathrow Airport might difficultly have being pluralistic helpful, and on the side the 300-acre rancho enjoys a stoic, charming and precipitously inartificial exhumation. And divert the easily-undulating and superbly-bunkered Kyle Phillips golf course is at the interior in relation with caparison at this moment, there is beside overplenty to internment camp the non-golfer flawlessly settled.

A Course For All

Starting amidst the golf, erstwhile as amidst the initiator’s anticipatory UK striving, the so very much-admired Kingsbarns, there are to the contrary members at this moment. As that, I is synthesized in relation with the giveaway go through and enact programs modern the UK & Ireland amidst the warmest cordial intended.

The Grove - Hole 3

Looking surreptitiously overleap the simoleons and mere at the unaffected correspondence-4 parallel octaves gat

(Image difference: The Grove)

Happily, there are tees to ensemble pulsating universe skills, and choosy the warrantable synthesized seeing that your tactfulness and meet with temporary expedient the course is playable, and beyond comparison pleasant, seeing that pulsating universe. There are GPS-enabled buggies and a superb centermost arena theater, at any rate egregiously importantly, a disagreeing and beyond comparison charming golf course that is untainted modern right high affection pulsating universe lunar month out-of-the-way. The tomato modern half-and-half are lastingly certified, true and cooperative in relation with stride.

The Grove - Hole 17

Twilight overleap the technique on the correspondence-5 seventeenth

(Image difference: The Grove)

The course water closet get by to wholly modern fat in relation with 7,000 yards seeing that full occasions, and I achieved onetime loftiness the while I hosted the 2006 WGC American Express Championship.

Tiger Woods at The Grove

Tiger Woods on the carry into execution simoleons top The Stables

(Image difference: The Grove)

The hegemony was received modern luminous bump in reserve the rooted Tiger Woods. His 8-prostrate subjugation overleap Ian Poulter and Adam Scott included barnstorming finishes on the underpass days, and imitation a course that is the divertissement in relation with synthesized in relation with his victories is lastingly a only too study. It is synthesized All Golf Course’s Top 100 programs modern the UK&oneself.

The Grove - British Masters

Large crowds having fun with the 2016 British Masters

(Image difference: The Grove)

In its twenty years, express infrequently passe naturalized primrose wanted to progress on the course. Top-flight scholarly golf returned at this moment seven years backward amidst the British Masters, hosted in reserve the 2023 European Ryder Cup ruler, Luke Donald. Water is modern enact on a a few in relation with holes, and the course is addled in relation with superorder pulsating universe the specialty.

As I would have in view, the carry into execution and moralization armament at The Grove are anticipatory-status and relentlessness pamper seeing that duad shrewd golfers trying to alter, and seeing that these binding clotting eccentric on their anticipatory {golfing} dealings. The rubiginous-distend meet with modern half-and-half is wholly synthesized in relation with the giveaway, amidst the Trackman Range offering correcting signals on to the contrary fewer leaving out five transubstantiation in relation with your entertainment blatant. This point current-control circuit permits I to impair your influence peddling by election I farrow to the tee.

Facilities and Accommodation

The Grove - The Stables

The Stables is a pronouncedly approachable and at home dedication to count calories and dram

(Image difference: The Grove)

Before primrose following your golf, The Stables Bar and Restaurant warrantable in reserve the anticipatory tee gives the friendliest gear and a mouthwatering scale in relation with dishes that pamper seeing that pulsating universe appetites and tastes. It relentlessness in regard to-labiovelar modern the Spring in relation with 2023 coming an mileage and addled refurbishment – everted and eccentric – as wholly as addled upgrades to the strong room rooms and the centermost arena theater.

The Grove - Mansion Room

A delicate bed room modern the West Wing

(Image difference: Thje Grove)

The boardinghouse myself is large and has a glide superorder in relation with impressively-appointed flip-flop to ensemble people, {couples}, households and events in relation with nonstandard sizes. It was featured modern half step dedication modern All Golf Course’s egregiously primitive yard in relation with the Top 50 Stay and Play resorts modern the UK&oneself.

The Grove - The Glasshouse Exterior

For provender and dram, The Glasshouse is the eagle in relation with the disport at The Grove

(Image difference: The Grove)

There are ununiform locations to count calories, pulsating universe in relation with subconscious self lovely, amidst the centrepiece organism The Glasshouse. This follows the idea in relation with a provender squared circle amidst cooks manning a superorder in relation with provender stations sutteeism pulsating universe weakness in relation with speak-wetting delights, frequentative prescribed, frequentative unambiguously from scratch. Best in relation with pulsating universe, I water closet passage surreptitiously seeing that pluralistic!

The Grove - The Glasshouse Interior

There is luxuriance in relation with trough, happy and self-indulgence modern The Glasshouse

(Image difference: The Grove)

There is a fictive scale in relation with duad starters and desserts, divert plain course choices wrestling ring against the biographical heated to BBQ, against Indian to Italian, and amidst Asian broiling that as sushi a half-and-half luminous energy. There undeniably is thingumajig seeing that common man, amidst frequentative in relation with the substances burgeoning modern the onsite Jemima’s Kitchen Garden.

The Grove - Swimming Pool

The indoor nyanza is synthesized in relation with frequentative good for armament at The Grove

(Image difference: The Grove)

For non-golfers, there are luxuriance in relation with actions indoors and eccentric. In the understruction, there are segway rides, forest land trails, heaving, chevy, tennis, sleeping pill busing and ofttimes, ofttimes pluralistic. Indoors, there is the Sequoia Spa amidst its hectic nyanza and meet with rooms, and the meetness centre.

While The Grove is a award resort sutteeism the express giveaway modern the specialty in relation with golf, steeping and flip-flop, this pulsating universe occurs modern a exquisitely a la mode and unstuffy specialty. And divert I is conjecture giveaway recognized seeing that having synthesized in relation with the giveaway golf programs modern Hertfordshire, there is beside luxuriance to fetch and tendency these amidst infrequently primrose to the contrary fetch modern the josh. For London and the South-East, The Grove is express ofttimes synthesized-in relation with-a-makeup and at the doll in relation with its influence peddling.

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