World Golf Amateur Teams Championship 2012 in Belek, Turkey

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The International Golf Federation (IGF) was instituted in 1958 to boost the international growth of golf and to use it as a source to encourage companionship and sportsmanship amongst the masses of the world. Working as the International Olympic Committee’s accepted International Federation for golf, the IGF includes the national organizations of golf in more than 110 states. The International Golf Federation is an organization which, notwithstanding its magnificent designation, inhabits only a minor standing in the network of golf. The Federation reformed its designation from the “World Amateur Golf Council” in 2003. It was established with the aim of organizing international amateur competitions. In spite of its minor role, the International Golf Federation is accepted by the International Olympic Committee as the symbolic institution for golf. IGF had applied ineffectively for golf to be incorporated in the 2012 Olympics. The IGF bid for addition in the 2016 Olympic Games was fruitful, the International Olympic Committee’s decision-making panel accepting the addition by 63 ballots to 27.

After the formation of the Turkish Golf Federation in 1996, Turkish golf made great improvement in fourteen years. Turkish golfers have while working under the Federation had been afforded opportunities to witness and play with numerous golfers from many countries in the tournaments organized by the body. With more than 70 national and international tournaments, 4500 certified players and established facilities, trainings and infrastructure studies, The Turkish Golf Federation has come a very long way in getting the status of most swiftly emerging golf country in Europe.

As a result of these noteworthy progresses, a new era is unlocked for Turkish golf given the chance to hold World Golf Amateur Team Championship 2012. Turkey has an enormous potential for golf sport with a population of 70 million comprising a major part of young people. The championship is being organized at a very crucial time line in the Turkey. The event will not only provide an opportunity of watching and learning of excellent golf by the young golfers but will set a trend for further development of the golf as a sport in the country. The competition is held after every two years under the auspicious control of the IGF. Over one hundred players from different nations and areas will take part in the championship.

Approximately 1500 players and a huge number of viewers out of which 3500 are overseas visitors will take part in 2012 World Amateur Team Championship. This very development is being as an opportunity to attract the interest of games world to Turkey. This event will serve as a unique opportunity for the countries aspiring to hold such like competitions in their countries.

In order to get the host status for the World Golf Amateur Team Championship 2012 Turkey obtained a total of 76 votes out of 92. This is yet another unique honour for any country to obtain so much approval in any single event held so far. Preparations are underway to provide an excellent atmosphere to the players in the dream city of Belek in Turkey. The environment of Belek is extremely conducive to hold such an event there. The Turkish golf federation is said to be youngest most body who has been bestowed the responsibility to arrange such international event. State of the art golf courses are being managed for the competition by the federation.

Antalya, Turkey has been chosen as the venue for the 2012 World Amateur Team Championships, the International Golf Federation (IGF) declared after its Biennial Meeting. The 25th women’s championship for the Espirito Santo Trophy & the 28th men’s championship for the Eisenhower Trophy will be held in September of 2012. The main reason for the selection of Turkish Golf Federation has been stated to be the continued and restless endeavors being put in by the body for the development of this marvelous sport in the country. The progress so far made has no match with any of the contemporary nations playing golf as a sport since many decades. The other nations which strived to get the rights of hosting the championship include Italy and Austria.

Turkish golf federation president has also showed his joy. He has expressed his views in a very befitting and graceful manner. Due to this very event he hoped that a large number of young golfers will be attracted towards the game. The population of the golf courses is likely to take a quantum jump by increasing every year. The Championship will be played with 72 holes stroke play. Each country team will be represented by three amateur players. For the World Golf Amateur Team Championship 2012 three state of the art courses have been selected by the authorities. These include the Cornelia Golf Club, Gloria Golf Club and Antalya Golf Club in Belek town of the Mediterranean province of Antalya, Turkey. Now all eyes from around the globe have been set on Turkey as to how the world youngest golf federation is going to hold such mega event with success and valor.

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